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CalmyLeon free
The Ultimate Relaxing Music & Sound Generator
In black, the DYNAMIC sounds
constantly change
In white, the STEADY noises
are just plain static

These are best used for • Relaxation • Meditation • Anxiety Relief
Best for • Noise Blocking • Focus
• Productivity

Top slider adjusts Dynamic/Static Balance

Middle Slider adjusts Sound Color

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Welcome to Calmy Leon, the most relaxing music and sound generator in the world! Sounds should be playing as you read these lines. Give Calmy Leon a try while reading this section: in less than a minute —promise— you will understand how it works and why it is unique. And, you will fall in love with its sounds.

Like the colors of a chameleon, the sounds you hear on Calmy Leon slowly change over time. If you can't wait, hit the reload icon (or simply reload the page) to discover a new sound palette. These dynamic sounds are associated with the black icons, and are ideal to calm down or meditate.

Static noises are associated with the white icons. These white noises are capable of masking undesired sounds around you, including your tinnitus. They will also increase your focus and productivity. Use the top slider to adjust the level between the dynamic sounds (black) and static noises (white).

The middle slider changes the frequency content of all the sounds currently playing. Just like light, reducing the brightness of a sound will help you to fall asleep or relax. Turning it up will make you more alert, and produce more of the higher frequencies used during hearing therapies. This slider is unique to Calmy Leon. Give it a try now and listen to how this slider changes the soundscape. (Don’t fall asleep if you are at work.)

The last slider controls the overall level.

That's it. You now understand how Calmy Leon works and are ready to spend a wonderful time together either relaxing at home, focusing at work, or sleeping at night.

Oohh... and one last thing: Calmy Leon only exists thanks to the support of kind people—like you. ;-) Thanks for your donations to help keep the site alive! Your donation will unlock plenty of new sounds too. Scroll down for further details and your patron access.


Calmy [kälmē] adjective
Calm, calmier or calmiest (archaic) • Literary tranquil [ref]

Leon [le-ən] noun
First name of Greek origin • A nice guy at times (Urban) "I wish I had a boyfriend like Leon."   [ref]

Calmy Leon [kälmē le-ən] website
World's most relaxing music and sound generator, available online. Always changing like a Chameleon"Go visit!" (Urban) : calm down and take a break.

Please, feed our chameleon!

Calmy Leon is free to use, but it isn't free for me to maintain. Development and support costs aside, I have to pay the hosting fees and the expenses of using a content delivery network (CDN) which replicates all my audio files to the server nearest to you. This means the website loads as fast as possible. This service has a much higher cost than regular hosting or streaming!

If you like my work and want to support Calmy Leon, consider making a donation at myNoise. As I am running both sites, one supports the other. Plus, you will be granted lifetime privileged access to myNoise, which – I am sure – you'll enjoy too! Once you have donated to myNoise - or if you are already a myNoise patron - claim your privileged access to Calmy Leon here.

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Use Cases

Working in an Open Office • Open offices are often too noisy, making it impossible to concentrate efficiently. Play the static noise produced by this website using sound isolating (closed) headphones, and you will enjoy being more productive in minutes!

Studying in a Quiet Room • When your working environment is too quiet, the slightest sound becomes a distraction. People suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) know this all too well. Play Calmy Leon as background ambience to strengthen your concentration.

During your Meditation Session • The idea that one should listen to music while meditating is very common. If you can't meditate in silence, or are too stressed as you start your meditation session, try Calmy Leon for its relaxing sounds. It will help you.

Sound Therapy • Sound affects many areas of the brain and has an undeniable effect on the body. Many people use natural sounds and calming music to relieve stress or recover from anxiety attacks.

Tinnitus • If your tinnitus only occurs when your environment is too quiet, chances are that it will disappear if you keep gently stimulating your hearing with a faint background noise. If your tinnitus is permanent, rain noise can be used as a mask, and will provide you with a temporary but relaxing relief.

Royalty-free Music • Restaurant or spa owners: support this website with a Pro donation and you will be entitled to use Calmy Leon as a streaming background music generator for your business without paying extra copyrights to your local performing rights organization (e.g. the ASCAP in the US). This permission is only valid for sounds streaming from this website, in real-time, not the audio files derived from Calmy Leon output.


The sound generators on this website are streamed for personal use. Streaming in the context of a professional setting is allowed, but only with an "Pro" annual contribution • Reverse-engineering the Calmy Leon audio engine code, downloading individual stems, or resampling the generator’s audio output are strictly forbidden.


Sounds and music by Stéphane Pigeon with help of many friends : Zarina Kopyrina (Vocals) • Rémi Decker (Flutes, Bagpipes) • Alexandre Bartos (Winds, Lithophone) • Christian Cadelli (Guitars) • Paul Nagle (Synths) • Dana Fortier (Synths) • Ross Fish (Synths) – Additional sounds derived from • Haunted Canyon Flute by KerriEnigmatic Humming by MieuResonance from the Gods by AnankalistoDrone D by AntonA Rhodes Universe by Corsica S (CC-BY attributions)

Help needed? Bug report? Send an email to stephane 'at' calmyleon 'dot' com
© 2016-19 Stéphane Pigeon - the signal processing engineer with a passion for sound.